“A Quick Note about Delivery”

Hi folks, I just wanted to thank all of our wonderful customers that tip our drivers well and take care of them. I also would like to make a quick note about delivery driver’s fees and their wages. I have been a long-time manager in the pizza industry and understand the frustration on both the customer side and on the driver’s side. In today’s economy it’s hard to make money. Everything gets more expensive all of the time and not just for the business, but for our employees as well. We here at Rica Pizza believe in paying our drivers a fair wage (currently $7.78 an hour) and compensate them for gas and vehicle maintenance for each delivery they do. Our current fees for delivery are $2.75 (Effective 4-1-2014) for our main delivery area and $4.50 for our extended delivery. From these fees, $1.00 to $2.00 go to the driver and the remainder goes to help offset the cost of the driver’s wages, taxes and insurance. Currently it costs us over $10.00 an hour to run our drivers. So, you can understand how selling pizzas at $5.00 or $10.00 makes it difficult to be profitable. Now, with the cost of food continuously going up (cheese hit an all time high in Jan 2014) along with wages, rent and utilities, I’m sure you can see what a great value it is to order a great pizza and get it delivered for a minimum fee. Also I’d like to note that all the chains: Pizza Hut, Dominoes, Papa Johns and Blackjack, are now paying minimum server wages to their drivers (currently starting at $4.98 per hour) and some only reimburse gas at .50 cent a delivery. Please remember it takes a good paying job to make the economy better. If our drivers can make a decent living wage, then they can go buy things, which helps the economy grow. Thanks again to each and every one of you, who have taken care of all of us over the last few years. Please don’t forget to tip all of your drivers and servers; their families depend on it.

Sincerely, Ted Huss

Rica Pizza LLC

8868 Federal Blvd Suite 16-A, Federal Heights, Co. 80260

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